Niagara render broken in VR with Instanced Stereo ON

Its not the beginning of vr, so its not like egg and chicken problem here. Do you know how many vr devices that were sold and how big is the vr market place? Stop talking about alyx please, its a very very very special one oke? Robo recall was made by a very small team in epic game, did you know? Its not like they want to invest in vr, its just like they want to complete the engine So that dev can use it for vr. And they really dont care about it at all. I dont blame epic here, and i understand why they do it like this. Most of the update feature will not work well in vr, and even now, im using 420 to dev vr game.
edit: the only thing that i want in Ue now is the chaos phyic system, but at current state, its not stable and very buggy, so i think i have to wait more.

Same thing for the new Hair System “Production Ready” in 4.26 that does not work in VR!

So for now Iám switching to Unity for VR, else I’ll be wasting my time… Waiting for others to do their job right is my biggest bug bear…

Anyone tested niagara instanced stereo and groom in 4.27?

edit: Seems still KO on my side

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Hello, I am using 4.27 (VR, Instanced Stereo ON) and trying to use water system materials, whatever I try water renders differently in each eye. Is there a solution has this been fixed? Can I make a simpler water material/turn something off to make it work? Thanks!

Niagara does not work in VR on 4.27 and 5.0. The rendering is bugged and flickers. Are there any plans to address this?

We can only hope things improve some day but for now epic doesn’t seem to have any interest in at least making new features appear correctly in vr.

We all know performance will be lacking but everything should at least render correctly in each eye.

If you run the VR Template and teleport, do you see the teleport line and ring in both eyes? I run the template almost every day (ISR enabled) and haven’t seen the issue since it got fixed between 4.26-4.27. If there’s a particular particle effect that doesn’t work for you, please provide repro steps so that we can test it.

Thanks Victor, i’ll let you know if there are any issues with the template but it looks good so far.

It’s great to hear niagara and clouds now work in stereo as you mentioned in the other thread. I don’t think many knew as it’s been such a long time.


This issue still appears to occur when using the Unreal Water plugin in 5.0.2

Alembic Groom is definitely broken with ISR.