【Niagara】Random Test With Niagara

Hi guys,

My first post on forum. Just want to share some experience I got this weekend with Niagara testing. Here are the results.
Full video:


I use head asset in Content Example Project from Epic. Add nodes to Opacity Mask and Metallic into the SSS material.

Then come to the Niagara part. I create two modules, one is to control the ribbon line linking order and linking rules(similar height), the other module is to update color of balls and ribbon. I write notes on the blueprints.

The scene setup is simple like below. The ExponentialHeightFog is the dark blue background. One directional light is the key light, one spot light works as back rim light and some point lights inside head are to light the ribbons and balls up. Use sequence to move the light or change the mask UV or mask area of the head material.

Just reply if you have any questions, happy to answer it.