Niagara particles interacting with Niagara Shallow Water?

I’ve got a shallow water Grid 2D SW Particle Collisions system with a simple Niagara blowing particles system as petals in the wind. I want the petals to interact with the fluids somehow, either have buoyancy or at least ripples in the water. is this possible? Thank you!

Ripples would have to be coded in the material - this makes them pretty darn expensive since you have to keep track of tons of collisions to start the animated material process.

Rain is commonly faked (not an acutal collision) by running tons of different age dots on a texture.

Best way i can think of is to combine both.

The drops/petals write to a render target, the render target is used to animate the material.

This can become somwhat inexpensive (the cost of the RT render+write) if you spawn a decal that is only rendered in the RT at the time of impact.

Its not impossible, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be performance crippling to be accurate either…