Niagara Particle System Artist

Prime Time Ltd. is looking for a particle system artist to help expand our team. We are currently developing a third person action RPG for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC. Due to this we require outstanding performance from the game and, since the game will still be in development for over a year, we decided to jump onto Niagara even though it’s still in its early days. We are looking to hire someone who has had previous experience in creating complex particle effects and has been using Niagara since it’s been integrated into the engine (or is able to make the transition in a reasonable amount of time). Please note that this is a remote position.


  • Design and create complex particle systems for use with, among other things, spells and abilities within the game
  • Optimize effects so that they work on a variety of hardware
  • Work together with programmers and designers to implement effects into the game and ensure they look the best they can while maintaining a stable framerate


  • Deep understanding of Cascade and particle effects in general
  • Advanced knowledge of Unreal’s material system and how it relates to particle effects
  • Understanding of Niagara
  • Understanding instanced mesh rendering and how particles in general affect CPU and GPU performance

Please send your applications to damir [at] primetime [dot] co [dot] ba. Do not bother applying without sending a demo reel of your previous work, thank you.

Best regards,
Damir H.