Niagara Mesh reproduction sprite WACK results


In UE4-27 This is driving me up the wall! Niagara mesh reproduction sprite is not adhering in the correct position to all the parts of the Character mesh I have set up. As you can see in the screenshots, there are a few parts of the mesh which in the niagara fx “mesh reprodution sprite” function, reset the location of parts of the mesh somewhere else.

There is no other time I have any issue with placement or skinning of parts of the mesh. all animations are fine. The parts that you see going haywire are parts I have attached and skinned in Maya, then exported over to unreal. As you can see, only certain sections of the mesh are incorrectly reproducing in Niagara, the reproduction of the mesh of the original body is correctly displaying.

Just for fun, here is another character completely messed up.

Thanks for reading through!

I don’t know what the issue was, but after upgrading to Unreal 5.0 the issue resolved itself.