Niagara Mesh Render, can't use User Param binding?

Hi, I have a particle emitter where I need to change the mesh used.
I’ve created a User Parameter, and hooked it up to the renderer.

However, it doesn’t seem to count as a linked input, and as such the parameter just gets deleted and is missing when I try to use the emitter or reopen it.

I tried using the static mesh sampler, just to make sure the emitter realizes it’s in use somewhere. But that seems to be expecting a “Data Interface” static mesh, rather than a “Object” static mesh, which are not interchangeable.
What can I do?


Objects are in fact interchangeable using the make-> static mesh (OBJ) not data interface, which it looks like you did use here. Now if you make a blueprint and bring the niagara mesh in you will be able to set the mesh inside of a blueprint just by dragging it into the world.

It needs to be set prior to placement/at spawn. I’m creating a dynamic particle effect that uses the mesh of a dropped item.