Niagara kill / die on collision?

Having trouble finding this but is there a way for Mesh Particles to die on collision? I’m sure there was an option using Cascade so hopefully there is.

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You can try this snippet: Kill Niagara particles after collision | Unreal engine Code Snippet

Just paste it in your stack.


I don’t work with manual code. :frowning:

Also don’t know how to implement it.

It’s not c++ code. You can copy the snippet, right click on “particle update” in your Niagara system and click “paste”. It will insert a module for you that kills particles when they collide.


Yeh seems to work thank u. :slight_smile:

Hello, this is great progress for me actually and thank you, but i would like to know how to remove it on collide with a CERTAIN actor instead of all the actors such as the floor, the player and so on.
Thank you

That’s not easily possible. You can read the material id for cpu collisions and compare against that, but there is no identifying actor information for any particle collisions.

I’d just try to fake it by supplying the particle system with the actor position you want to check against, then on collision you do a bounding box check to see if it collided around your target actor.