Niagara error after packaging project

Hi all. After packing the project, this error began to fly out. It crashes when you shoot at some object. On hit spawn actor with Niagara. As far as I can see, the error at the end is specifically about Niagara. The same Niagara with different settings is used for flashes from the barrel, smoke and much more, but the error is only when it hits. When running in the editor, there are no errors, everything works.

It seems I figured out what’s wrong. My Niagara is an inherited component in which I simply change the parameters of the splash on the water or the explosion on impact, depending on the caliber of the projectile. When I created a separate actor for the projectiles with the same Niagara component, but without inheritance, everything worked and there were no more errors. It is confusing that in the editor such a scheme works without errors and it is much more convenient when adding new shells than creating a Niagara component in each explosion or splash, but as it is.