Niagara- Customizable Modules

Loving the new Niagara system. I came from Houdini, so to me, the more customizable everything is, the better.

Today I dived into the Sphere Particle Spawn Location module and made some slight changes to the module blueprint. The FX worked the way I wanted it to look, but I quickly realized that the the Sphere Particle Spawn Location module is all shared, so if I use the module on another emitter, the changes get carries on. Right now the changes were made with custom-exposed parameters on the customized module, and I can still use it the module on another emitter if I set the parameters to 0. But of course the parameter is still there, it’s definitely not a permanent fix.

I’m hoping there’s a system where users can customize the modules made by the awesome people from the Niagara team, or build our own from scratch, not just adding user-parameter, but instead defining how things should work in all different cases. Maybe even to the point where users can store their custom modules as assets/library, or sell it on the marketplace and such.

Shoutout to the Niagara team for making this awesome new FX system for UE4, THANK YOU!