Niagara and Real time tools

I would love to see an easy to use interface for Niagara like x-particles
you can setup stuff literaly in a few clicks - every demo I’ve seen of Niagara so far is kinda alot of clicks tgo get anything to work and alot of scrolling up and down to find the thing you want to change
x-particles interface is compact - you dont have to ever scroll cuz its all in tabs and easy to find - clicking is waaaaayyyyyy faster than scrolling and translates into VR easier - scrolling sucks ,
plus it has lots of visual icons to move around for forces and such - its so easy to use
If you look at the spectrum of people using your software - your tools tend towards allowing the top 30% to get the most out of it while the bottom 30% struggle to even use it for the simplest stuff - why not add easy to use wizards that allow for the lower 30% to take advantage of more of the top level features - also adding realtime controls with record to preset functions
Why wouldnt everyone want to be able to jump into VR and sculpt particle systems with their hands - do it in the development stage because adding realtime controls allow you to push the boundaries of the system to see where it breaks alot faster than trying to do it with sliders - I try numbers in a slider like maybe 3-6 times before i give up and settle - having axcess to a realtime tool with a proceedural motion system in a game enviroment where i can sculpt an explosion or work out an effect and hit save to preset anytime would be next level - presets presets preset why make everyoone recreate the same shit over and over again - you know everyone needs fire,ice,water,spells - create a HUGE library of archetypes people can draw from - you would get 1000 times more work done even if you where only axcessing 40-50% of whats available in the tool - because you are just saving presets - even if the underlying code changes it shoud still be updateable - any kind of programming needed blocks alot of artists and filmakers from using that tool at all . And why a game maker of Unreals skill can’t make real time tools for EVERY system you have is beyond me - you do it every day for the games you make . Why don’t you make it a contest and whoever makes the best tools wins some money.

Oh ya and create a Mograph (Cinema4d) like tool using Niagara so we can have instanced meshes that can be placed in enviroments very EASILY - conformed ot surfaces - controllable by forces etc - their new field system is amazing - Why there are no Array / cloner building tools in Unreal is unbelievable - all the ones on the marketplace fall short in some way - there is none that are complete or that can be animated with something like Signal (Grescale gorrila) procedural animation system - that should be a standard feature for animating anything not just characters