Niagara Align Sprite to Mesh Orientation using Degrees

As the title says Im trying to use degrees of Z from Get Actor Rotation to have the same rotation in my ‘Align Sprite to mesh Orientation’ from Niagara System

As you can see in the image, Im using a variable and setting new rotation to the niagara system with that variable, my problem is that my Z from Get Actor Rotation is in degrees (-180 to 180) , and the values that Niagara System ‘Align Sprite to Mesh Orientation’ are diferent, I cant find how to convert one to the other, or make the equal because I dont know which unit type is using,
for example: if I put value of 0 in niagara is something equal to -180 or 180 degrees, but if I put 1 is equal to 20° or something that I cant understand

I leave an image showing that the magic circle that im creating is facing different direction from where my character is, and should be facing same direction as the character.

So how should I proceed? I have been searching for a while, but cant find an answer, hope somebody can help me.

Thanks in advance!

After a lot of tries and errors, I managed to fixed, I have implemented a SpriteFacing in Particle Spawn, changed it to Rotate Vector and adding Angle Conversion as 1.0 Degrees input and output, now by getting the current actor rotation Z (Yaw) and assigning this value to the Variable ZYawDegrees that I have creeted in the niagara system, now my magic circle is properly facing the target :smiley: