Niagara 3D Water System Collision with Glass Material

Hi all,

So I’m playing around with the Niagara system, especially with the 3D water pool with constant emission of new particles and one of my goals was to fill a container with a specific amount of water. The container in my case was four walls with a floor which have colliders. I have been able to trap the water between the walls but would like to control the amount of water that fills the container.

I thought of doing this by putting a glass roof onto the container that way I can still see the container filling up and limit how high the water fills. But unfortunately, it seems that the glass material is not compatible with the plugin. As soon as I change the material from anything to glass, the water just flows right past the roof. I tried with different materials and it seems that it doesn’t collide with any translucent materials.

Theoretically, I would like to fill a glass container with water but have been having issues.

Please help :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure this out?

Just a hunch.
The particle collides with visibility, and transparency doesn’t register the hit?

If so, change the collider for the particle to a collision channel or something (not even sure what options you would have).