[Nexus Division] Legion: The Eternal War Beta Testing

Legion: The Eternal War

Recruitment Post

Nexus Division


In this PvP-centric MMORPG, players create their characters, join an alliance, and go to battle in a competitive environment. The fantasy world is wholly original, custom-made, and ready to transport PC gamers to a realm of magic and legend. Enjoy moving stories, rewarding progression systems, and nail-biting tension as the game unfolds.

Development Stage:

While many assets have been purchased and polished, Legion is still in its alpha stage. However, a demo is currently up and running, and Legion is already connected to steam, ready to polish and publish.

Team Members

Project Manager: Cody

Lead C++ Programmer: Henry

Secondary C++ Programmer: Mark (Seeking Additonal)

3D Character Artist: Mark Wowk (Seeking Additonal)

3D Artist/Concept Artist: Ricardo, Mason (Seeking Additonal)

Concept Artist: Majdf (Seeking Additonal)

Sound/Music Programmer: John

Music Composer: Ryan

Animator: Arti (Seeking Additonal)

Story Writer: Travis

Level Designer: Erica & Alex

Open Positions:

Currently looking to hire a animator with rigging experince, 3D/2D Lead Artist, Environmental Artist, 3D Modeller , Character Artist, Programmer and a Particle Effects creator/After Effects/Photoshop.

Although we encorage anyone with game development interest to email a cover letter with

supporting references about work or experience. We will consider accepting anyone whos looking to expand there experience and join a awesome group! We may also train the right candidates.

Recommended Qualifications:

We are searching for team members that are experienced in their field, motivated to work, and dedicated to their contributions to the project. Communication is key; all team members must be fully prepared to deliver regular progress updates and receive any important instructions from the project manager. To maintain a healthy working environment, we also ask that candidates remain open-minded and cooperative throughout the creative process. We strongly consider these traits to be essential to Legion’s success. In addition, experience with Unreal Engine is a major bonus for these open positions.

You also can join the Private Beta by registering for a steam beta key on the website!
Everyone who registers will receive a beta key.

If you are Joining the group we will give you a developers key to download early.

Company Website:


Game Website

We also seek investors & partners who want to colaburate with us.

To Apply, Send Applications To:

E-mail: <info@nexusdivision.com>

Skype: <cody.legge1>