Nexus Division is hiring a WordPress Web Developer to add Xsolla Login

Please read carefully

  • WordPress expertise is a must
  • Xsolla “research” is a must before you message me about the job please review these links.

Everything you need to know in order to do these jobs is detailed in these links below so PLEASE read them. Do not message me until you read them all.

Link#1: Xsolla Documentation - Login
Link#2: @xsolla-login/sdk - npm

The job description involves changing our website’s default login portal to the Xsolla login widget.
The website is

ideally, I want any user who signs up with Xsolla to still be registered in our WordPress login database.
To complete the task you MUST make sure that Xsolla login is working and the Xsolla store which is already implemented communicates with the Xsolla login (This should happen naturally) but if it does not then you must fix it.

I may request for you to display a version of the register widget on the main landing page of the website.

Most of this should be simple if you read the links I sent above. I’ve already paid another person to do this for a different website but sadly I must hire a new person because they are no longer freelancing.

Please know this job will NOT cost more then 50$ CAD so that is my maximum if you can not do it for 50$ then do not apply. Anyone who completes this job then I will have more work for you right away. So you can keep earning money for quick jobs like this.

Thanks… now that all that is out of the way… I will be happy to meet and work with you! (:
I am looking for a long-term web developer and as we continue together the pay will get higher, higher and higher!


Cody Legge
Nexus Division Entertainment

Hello, I am a website developer who uses HTML to developer and design professional looking websites at an affordable cost. I am interested in your job offer and would like to propose another offer: I will build you an entirely custom and professional website with all the functionality that you desire.


We’re also interested in Xsolla Plugin for Wordpress to complement our WooSAH Wordpress Plugin. Depending on demand, our Development Team will consider taking on the development.