Nexus Division is hiring a sequencer programmer (Paid by video)

You must play & understand video games.
You must possess knowledge of Unreal Engine 4
You must know how to program videos using Sequencer
We need you to also have the ability to record gameplay footage from your PC if needed

Having video editing and 2D animation skills are something we would prefer to have, all these videos from the game will be used to run ads, fill our website and be a method of game content distribution to the public.
We also need to hire a person who can record in-game footage of certain systems. An example of something we are trying to capture is similar to Oath’s header video found here.

  • Your job will be to record features and development progress related to the game
  • Some additional skills may be the ability to do voice acting/voice-overs
  • Edit videos / add music / 2D animations.

If we can’t find a video editor and sequencer programmer combined then we will try and find a different person, we are a start-up company so until things pick up money is not doing amazing. We would prefer to find one person who can do it all.

We will tell you what to record & all the steps to do the job correctly using HackNPlan website organization software
This is an on-going position and we will be needing videos consistently for the website and marketing promotions such as Facebook ads.

Please feel free to contact me regarding more details.

We are looking to pay 10$CAD per every 1 minute of recording, pay will increase greatly as our website/business makes more money and you continue to work with us.
You must join our discord found on our website in the bottom right corner.

Contact Cody Legge on discord for a faster response and to get the job first.