Nexus 7: Unfortunately, [App] has stopped working

Hello, I’ve been browsing through Answers and unable to find a solution after updating Android drivers, updating TADP/Android SDK, disabling Mobile HDR.

I have a project that was launching on my Nexus 7 right up until about 4.4. We are now running 4.6.1 and still unable to launch to device. It’s possibly a content problem but if I launch the project in a map from 4.4, it launches fine. As soon as I advance in versions, the app gives me the warning ‘Unfortunately, [app] has stopped working’ and then crashes back to home screen.

I would be happy to provide any debug information if someone can point me to how I would do this for the Android device.

UE4 outputs it’s log to logcat, to view logcat in nice form use DDMS

It should hint you whats going on. Also if your game atrleast tries to run it means Android SDK and drivers are ok.

If you can’t figure out yourself whats going wrong looking at logs, post them here (in pastebin would be the best)

Figured out that this was caused by something broken in our HUD, when I replaced the HUD with another it began functioning again on Android. Carry on.

I know this was a long time ago, relatively, but can you remember what it was that caused the problem? I’m having the same issues.

Change the “splash screen” resolution. Low-end devices doesn’t support more than 360x640

OH WOW, it works.