Nextgen sandbox - ps4

**Hi Fellow Devs, **

NEXTGEN SANDBOX made only with Blueprints launched on Friday, September 13th on the North America PlayStation Store, October 25th in Europe and scheduled for Japan and Asia launch in November/December. Steam launch, Coming soon.

Please, note the following:

**1) **To get familiar with the game mechanics complete the trophies, they are like a tutorial of the game and will also unlock the bonus horror mini game so you can meet Max, Ricky, Maya and Jimmy.

2) This is a small little indie game made by one person who has a full time day job and kids and was made a few hours a day after work. Please be kind with your review, the vast majority have been amazing but a select few have been down right mean spirited.

3) I have always loved games and making this game was a passion for me, it is my Mona Lisa and took about 2 1/2 years to make. The game is not a huge open world deep quest, it is just a fun little game to play with real-time physics, simple AI, ragdolls, vehicles, teleportation, lasers, cannons, mazes, basketballs, animals, building blocks, destruction, etc. etc.

It is Nextgen and you can push your PS4 hardware to the limits, for example when you place a destructible object inside the world like a brick wall and then blow it apart with a gun or exploding barrel, the calculations for the fracturing of each piece of debris takes place in real-time on the PS4’s CPU, it does not use the GPU for the calculations. So you can image the more destructible objects you place and fracture at the same time the more you will push the PS4’s CPU hardware limits.

4) I loved playing the PS4 P.T. teaser and that was my inspiration to make the Mini Bonus Horror Game that is included for free with NEXTGEN SANDBOX. If you make it to the mini bonus game there is a riddle hidden in the level. Here is a hint to where to find the riddle: Kids like to sleep with them, the one that has the riddle would be something you would not want to hear on a chalkboard :slight_smile:


John Daniels

Proud Arts LLC