Next Generation Modular Realistic Dagger Pack

Work in progress dagger pack

feedback much welcome

Those look very nice! I misread the thread title as Next Generation Realistic Dugger Pack.

:open_mouth: i needs


These look gorgeous!


Dagger Pack Submitted to Unreal Market place.

Thanks for the nice comments guys. hope you like the final daggers displayed within the Engine. :slight_smile: Ill be making characters and environments to go with the daggers in the future as well as Armour sets, shields and other melee weapons. Keeping to a medieval/fantasy theme.

requests and ideas very much welcome.

Any chance you could offer these as separated pieces (hilt, crossguard, blade) so that they’re compatible with some of the modular weapons kits coming out? Awesome work!

The daggers come as separate fbx meshes. So sheath, handle, hilt, pomnel and blade are separate, so they can be mixed and matched like what you mentioned :slight_smile:

Beautiful design! Very good taste

Hey Montana, those daggers look hella sexy!
Do you already have a backend system for them worked out? Because if not, you should pool resources with me and Lee - we’ve built the “Over 9000 Swords” modular weapon pack (Link here) that’s currently in the marketplace submission queue. If you’re up for it, let’s discuss how we can help each other :slight_smile:

Your pack is precisely why I asked that question!

@Montana - awesome! Thrilled to hear that! :smiley:

Sounds good Kashaar, I checked your video out, your system looks cool!

Cool, check your PMs in a bit :slight_smile: