next.gen mmo

Hello, everyone lets create a next-gen mmo together!

im, a full time c++ c# blueprint programmer. have worked with c++ in about 8 years. so we have come a bit on the way with all the functions. we will be running with Unreal Engine 4.12.3.

We are a small team about 3 people helping out when we can on the project.

we have inspiration from wow / guildwars / tera online. we have been looking on the weakness of alot of mmo and deside to make
a relistic game for everyone to play for free. no pay to win. just a nice game everyone will enjoyn.

sorry that we cant give any pays right now, but we offer credit and royalites for all your work.

Project next-gen mmo, (no title of the game yet.) is a fantasy mmo with a relistic fantasy world. Character is able to swim under water, running, fighting and climbing
up the edge. Our Team is small and missing designers but hopeing to have a prototype next year

now we have made:

character almost full scripted: walk, run, climbing, missing animation for swimming and character is complex.
our Advance comat system is about 50% done
Experience System
multipli Dialogue System guildchat / worldchat/ wispering.
we also have some 2d art works coming up shortly

What we need is:

3d designer for objects and characters
level designer
expet that everyone is welcome on this journey

A short breif of our game:

*Project next-gen mmo is a fantasy mmo with a relistic fantasy world. Character is able to swim under water, running, fighting and climbing
up the edge but becareful with the streath meter. Streath meter is a bar thats showing how much streath you have before
you need to take a break. like in real life. if you streath goes out in a fight you need to refill it to continue
or if youre top of a edge and lost streath you will fall like a rock into the ground and lose alot of ur healthbar. *

We are still working on the programming features.

we wil update all progress on this thread

If you are instrested to help out contact: danilo.naid[at] Skype: Danilo.naid45

Hey, that sounds great; especially if you’ve already shipped other games!
I’ll do level lighting for free for the opportunity to get royalties on a project like this!

im really great full, sure you will get royalties for all your work and credit.

Hello, it would be interesting working on an MMO, been playing WoW for 10 years, I’m just wondering if you are only looking for very experienced level designers? as I am still learning level design with UE4, just learning some last bits.

Hello, anyone is welcome to join. we are building this together as a team. If anyone get stuck we help each other out.

Sounds good, I would like to put my interest forward for your project, would I be able to discuss with you about your project and how things will be progressed?

ofc, every ides we will discuss together.

I 3D model with Cinema 4D, I could help!

thank you, Lukapaluka8 we really need a 3d model for our characters.