Next Gen HardWare Cost[Holes in Pockets and spiderwebs]

We’re here it’s next gen and our systems are already obsolete. The basic system is going to run around 3000, I plan to code on the PS5 only god knows how much that’ll cost. I want to push things to the limit and enjoy the next set of hardware are standards. Everyone else how do you plan to keep up?
psst… I’m hoping epic recognized the determination I put into my project and effort that I’ll live up to the PS5 version being amazing. I’m ready to get working the sooner the better.

I mean like doing it the right way if you’re solo having one screen and tasking on art is bad for me since I can produce expert results but not that good to not have a live view. Working on one screen while stingray was active was a hassle. Now 3ds max is cool but real maya software cost a ton. I like to get a feel for things.