Next Gen Game with UDK?

Hi,I have some question:
1-Can i create a next gen quality map in udk? udk can process that?(without Frame drops)
2-I know that i cant export game for consoles with UDK but i wanted to know Epic games can export udk games for consoles? (Any method for example transfer game to UE4 or another methods)
Thank You.

  1. it should also be possible to get a good quality → but you dont have the features like gpu particles, special material setups,… :slight_smile:
  2. yes it is possible with the full version of the UE3

UKD does not support consoles, if you want to build for consoles get UE4

If you have more UDK questions post here: UDK - Epic Games Forums

Hi moein unreal,

Since this forum is dedicated to Unreal Engine 4 development, am closing this thread. Please post your UDK questions on UDK forums (link posted by darthviper107)

Thank you and have a great day. :slight_smile: