Next-gen furniture pack [Submitted]

Hi there! I’d like to show to you my asset with furniture. Next-gen furniture pack contains 15 high quality low-poly models of classic furniture. All textures are 2048x2048 pixels. Total all models have 47942 tris / 24373 polys.

Real game demo:






wow… i need it!

I like it, could use some tables as well :slight_smile:

Can I have those?

Sorry guys, but they don’t want to take my models to marketplace. Due to the fact that some are made with the real furniture. I wasted $ 19 :frowning:

The eames one, I assume?
Those are too old to be copyrighted.
Hence all the cheap, legal, non-vitra knockoffs…

These kinds of models should absolutely be allowed if they want ArchWiz to thrive. If you look closely at about all architectural vizualisation/rendering, you have a short list of furniture that is in a LOT of them.
Most of these are designed by eames.

I do not think that the guys from Epic will find this argument convincing :frowning:

Separate them into modular pieces (legs, tabletops, seats, cushions, etc) and demonstrate mixing and matching pieces to construct new furniture inside UE4 with components. I can only imagine how they look with unordinary materials…flame material + chair = the hot seat! Possibly the first and best photorealistic modular furniture set. You got something there, others want, don’t quit now.

Not a dumb idea…
Ikea sells loads of different tabletops and all kinds of legs, with sockets. This way you can make endless combinations, and everything from office desks to dinner tables…