Next CEO of Epic Games of America

Who should be next CEO of Epic Games of America? Do you think should it be me someday replacing founder Tim Sweeney? If sooner or later he dies it might be sad,but death is inevitable. Should I officially running to be next chairman of Epic Games of America?

Ye I agree with you the death is inevitable. Sweeney has dragged Apple, a $2 trillion company, to court over Cupertino’s decision to remove Fortnite from the App Store. I just cant tell who will be the next ceo of Epic games. Sweeney is doing great.

Bobby Kotick, he will maximize profit. Imagine lootboxes every time you need to build geometry, for only 9.99$ you can get guaranteed build of geometry and shaders. :smiley:

I don’t wanna talk about religion,but humans could be still immortal if Lucifer,Lilith never rebelled against God,Adam & Eve not eating deadly forbidden fruit(Apple-it was icon in early builds of Unreal Engine 1). I thought Donald Mustard would replace Tim Sweeney and some russian guy who wrote some Steam anti-cheat system software(Sergei Gnorkin)that’s what I heard of. I thought it could be me(no more CCP,no more Tencent just maybe People Can Fly,Epic Games). I want real reason(if it’s not associated with DMCA,NDA copyrights infringement)why Fortnite forum was moved to Reddit same for Unreal Tournament 4 forum(possibly archived-assets should spread like in case of cancelled Epic Games third person moba Paragon).How unfortunate that Epic Games didn’t finish their rts isometric shooter jazz jackrabbit(series considered as abandonware) game(perhaps it wouldn’t have mmorpg elements Sonic 3D Blast Flickies Island didn’t have one).