Newtonian Physics

Hey i am looking for a way to set up Newtonian physics. How is this possible without setting the world physics to 1 instead of 0?

If you don’t need ‘walking’ movement, you probably do not want to base on our Character class at all. In the next beta we will have a template for a ‘flying game’ showing how to implement your own movement physics. For something like a space game, you may want to create a class derived from Pawn (not Character), add a StaticMeshComponent for the root, make sure the mesh has simple collision, and use physics simulation on it. Then you can hook up input to apply forces and torques on this component to move it around using Newtonian physics.

I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you are asking. The ‘Simulate Physics’ check box will enable physics simulation on the selected object, which will cause it to fall, bounce etc.

For example when I set the world physics under world settings to 1 when I jump I dont come down. Though I would like to be able to come down and move forward. Basically swimming physics

what I am trying to accomplish is space physics in a environment

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Quick Swimmable Water - YouTube will show you the basic setup. Also the changed environment settings.

Hi Possemaster,

I’m going to close this thread as it is from our Beta of UE4.