Newtonian Flight Model

Im am currently putting together a prototype for an arcade flight sim style game.

The flight model i am aiming for is as follows. While flying, the craft flys like a normal airplane with banking and pitch etc. (ive achieved this by turning off gravity and moving my mesh with “set physics linear velocity”)

While the craft is accelerating and flying it behaves like a plane would normally however when i stop boosting i want it to roll pitch and yaw at an increased rate (like ist being moved by an internal flywheel rather than the force of aerodynamics). I have achieved this by making my blueprint alter my yaw pitch and roll rate variables when i stop boosting.

When i stop boosting i want the craft to start falling to earth again which i have achieved by making gravity toggle back on when i stop boosting and turn back off when i do.

The problem i have is when i stop boositg the craft stops almost dead and begins to fall. The model i want is more newtonian ie it will begin to fall to earth but it will retain some forward momentum in the direction it was travelling. This would enable the player to boost then stop boosting and rotate their craft around to face their pursuer while they would still have some momentum in their original boost direction as they begin to fall.

Any advice on how to achieve this last bit of the puzzle. I have a feeling it is to do with my use of “set physics linear velocity” to move my craft or something in the physics settings of my player mesh.

Any help is appreciated. Im amazed at how much process i made on my prototype in just one night.