Newtonian - Advanced Falling and Momentum Damage System

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This 100% blueprint powered system is completely drag and drop and will work on any character or controller! Included is two different systems for handling falling damage.

Simple Damage System: Starting with a simple old-school falling damage system, which applies damage based on your fall height. This is very easy to get up and running and match with your project, but is also somewhat limited.

Advanced Momentum Based Damage System: This system is the recommended system to use, as it takes into account changes in the player’s acceleration, and calculates the amount of G forces the player would be experiencing. Then, if the G forces are above the allowable threshold, the player will receive an amount of damage based on how much they exceed it. This allows for things like cushioning falls with water volumes, jump pads that don’t cause damage to the player, damaging the player when they are slammed into a wall, and much, much more.

Using the advanced system included with Newtonian will result in **realistic **and **reliable **damage calculations for your players when they experience rapid deceleration, as from falling or being thrown into objects.

As with all Dapper Raptor Development products, blueprints are very thoroughly documented and commented, as well as laid out in a easy-to-read and logical manner.

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A minor bug has been discovered within the Newtonian system. An update will be submitted to Epic shortly after a little more testing to ensure there are no others like this. In the meantime, you can resolve the bug yourself by adding the three nodes, highlighted in the image below, to the TestForce function within BP_NewtonianManager.

The bug will not hinder the component from working, but rather will give some “Accessed None” errors once the player has died.


Hey guys. Just an update to say that a minor update for Newtonian has been submitted to Epic and both the and Gumroad versions of the pack have already been update. This fix removes some errors that pop up if you have the kit attached to a controller and the character dies. The errors are not indicative of anything going wrong, but I wanted to remove them anyways :slight_smile: The marketplace build should hopefully be updated in the next few days (that’s in Epic’s control, not mine) Thanks!

Hey guys. Just letting you know that Newtonian has been tested under 4.17 and appears to run and act entirely as intended without alteration. As such, I have gone ahead and marked it as 4.17 compatible on the marketplace, allowing the creation of 4.17 projects through the launcher (Gumroad and have also had 4.17 downloads uploaded). As always, if you run into any issues running under this version, or any other for that matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Cheers.

Please note that Epic still have not processed the submitted update and as such there will still be some reported errors under certain circumstances (namely when your pawn is unpossessed). Just a reminder that these errors do not indicate anything is wrong, but are merely letting you know that certain logic was unable to complete. Epic have stated their current response time is between 1 and 2 weeks, so we should hopefully see the update applied in the next few days. Thanks for your understanding with this.

Just an update to notify that Epic have just processed the update for Newtonian, meaning that the version available via Gumroad and is now also available in the launcher. Thanks for your patience and understanding with this :slight_smile: This update simple removes a couple of errors that were popping up under certain circumstances (the errors were warnings more than anything, and did not indicate failure of the pack to work - so if you have already incorporated Newtonian into your project and do not wish to update, don’t stress!).

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop in here and leave a message to inform you that the UE4 forums, in their current form, offer a pretty poor platform for the purpose of support. I have been unable to get response notifications and such to be reliable, and the forums themselves are cumbersome and clunky. As such I will be essentially abandoning the forums and instead concentrating on my own support platforms, which are available here:

Support Portal:
Discord Server:

All of my products will continue to be updated, and where possible, new features will be added, so please do not take the lack of posts here as a sign that content is dead. I will probably check the forums every few months, but I would strongly recommend utilising one of the above support avenues to contact me for timely and reliable responses. Thanks!