News - Cyberpunk pack - City Punk


Hello everyone,

Fast news, actually I work on my third pack call “CityPunk”. This pack is finish soon, Be patient !
If you need screenshots, go check this link :

This my artstation, Im verry active on this.

I want to remind, I have updated “Cyberpunk Downtown vol.2” on my store. If you interrested, this update is available. Go check my Youtube.

CityPunk arrive coming soon on the store, I hope you like it WIP version on my Artstation.

I talk you later, one time this pack is available on the store.

Good day all, Have a nice day ! Kiss !

Links :


Hello world !

Fast news. I have finish this pack. I submitted this the EPIC STORE and I waiting approval from EPIC GAMES. If you interrest by this, be patient, he arrive soon on the store !

You have possibility to check screenshots and video in my Artstation page !

Good Day All !

Inside the pack:

  • 234 Textures
  • 93 Meshes
  • 2 Generic Materials for Box Brush
  • 17 Decals