News and Community Spotlight | June 2, 2022


Unreal Engine 5 goes all-in on dynamic global illumination with Lumen

With Lumen, Unreal Engine 5 is all-in on fully dynamic global illumination and reflections, which means you can forget about multi-hour lighting builds and instead focus on creating more lively worlds. The engineering team breaks down global illumination, surface caching, performance, and more about Lumen on the Unreal Engine feed—read up and become enlightened on Lumen.

Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

If you’re looking to show off your real-time abilities, then the Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never is the perfect opportunity to do so. Participants have until Sunday, June 26 to submit a short video entry demonstrating their skills for a chance to win up to $1,000 in cash prices, and more. Visit the Unreal Challenge forum announcement post for complete details!

How Unreal Engine’s robust support helped give life to Endling’s skulk of foxes

Open your hearts to the last skulk of foxes in Herobeat Studios’ stylized 3D sidescroller Endling, which permeates the team’s passion for environmentalism and animal rights. Herobeat’s founder shared what the studio hopes to achieve with their first title and why their founding principles are so important to the Spain-based team.

Start your engines—our automotive content has been updated for UE5!

Want to test drive new UE5 features on your existing automotive projects? We’ve optimized our automotive content on the Marketplace for use with key features like Lumen, Nanite, and Path Tracing. Head to the Unreal Marketplace to give them a spin.

How Unreal Engine is powering Volvo Cars’ safer future

Could we soon be living in a world without collisions? Volvo Cars sure hope so, and they are working on everything from automation to the dash to make that world a reality. Steer over to the feed to see how sensor technology and a new Unreal Engine-based HMI is supporting this aim.

Winners announced for the Unreal Engine HMI Design Challenge

On that note, we’d like to congratulate the finalists of the Unreal Engine HMI Design Challenge. Maybe you’ll be utilizing their designs in your vehicle one day—pop over to Car Design News’ announcement to see all the dashing finalists. Watch the complete sizzle here.


Chronicle of Forgotten Times: Pawn of the Gods

Leading the charge into this week’s spotlights is Golden Moon Games’ Chronicle of Forgotten Times: Pawn of the Gods. The new single-player action RPG sends you, a bright knight, on an adventure to determine the fate of the kingdom of Ayderia. Download the demo today on Steam!

The Difference Engine - Promenade Interior

While studying at Think Tank, Alex Lorente put together this outstanding indoor circus environment, based on a concept by Yari Lute. They’ve built the majority of the scene from scratch, with a little help for various props. Go over to Alex’s ArtStation page to let them know just how awesome this scene is.


Blue Isle Studios’ LEAP is a fast-paced, multiplayer first-person shooter featuring epic battles with up to 60 players, each armed to the teeth. Become an elite LEAP mercenary as you soar into battle. Fight for either the United Earth Defense Coalition or the rebel Exo-Terrans—whoever pays the most, wins your trigger finger and excessive arsenal. LEAP into the game, now available on Steam.