News and Community Spotlight | June 16, 2022


DNEG creates The Matrix Resurrections’ dojo scene with Unreal Engine

In one of the most memorable sequences from The Matrix, Morpheus teaches Neo a valuable lesson about his hidden abilities in a Japanese-style dojo. When DNEG was tasked with reprising this iconic scene for last year’s The Matrix Resurrections movie, it felt apt to use a game engine to build the environment.

The Matrix Awakens: Creating the Characters
The Matrix Awakens: Creating the VFX and Vehicles
The Matrix Awakens: Blurring Interactive and Cinematic Experiences

Step out of the dojo and into ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ with three brand new tech talks. First, peel back the curtain on creating visual effects and large-scale vehicles systems. Then, find out how cinematic content was built using gameplay and how systems like World Partition, Sequencer, Chaos, and MetaSounds made this experience achievable. And lastly dive into the details on how we used MetaHuman Creator as a framework for building our characters.

MetaHuman technology brings a 10,000⁠–⁠year⁠–⁠old shaman back to life

Ever wondered how far you can go with MetaHuman Creator? How far back- in time? Archaeologists reconstructed an interactive digital model of a prehistoric shaman from the Lepenski Vir settlement in Serbia, using MetaHuman and the new Mesh to MetaHuman feature for UE!

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami introduces a novel gameplay mechanic using Unreal Engine

Leap into the future with Blind Fate: Edo no Yami. In a new, dark Edo period set in 2650 cyberpunk Japan, the Shogunate rules and mythological robot creatures roam. It’s your job as a samurai to obey. Your biggest challenge? You’re completely blind.? Troglobytes Games details the creation and reasoning behind the game’s unique concept, their awe-inspiring mechanics, and what gets them out of bed in the morning!

Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never

Are you looking for a Challenge? With less than two weeks to go, the Unreal Challenge: Better Light Than Never is a perfect opportunity to illuminate your lighting skills and enter for a chance to win up to $1000 in cash, KitBash3D & SketchFab licenses, swag, and showcase your work in the challenge sizzle! Submissions close on Sunday, June 26.

Houdini Game Jam 2022

If you’re looking for even more challenges, then prepare yourselves; the Houdini Game Jam is this weekend! The jam will begin with the theme announcement on SideFX’s Twitch challenge on Friday, June 17, and run through Friday, June 24.

Epic Online Services release free PC crossplay tools
Connect your players with Epic Account Services

Connecting friends across PC stores has never been more accessible. Now, welcome over half a billion new players and keep your community connected with the updated Epic Online Services SDK and its new cross-play feature; you can bring players together from both the Epic Games Store and Steam.

Community Spotlights

Under A Rock

Nordic Trolls brings a procedural open-world survival game for one to ten players! Take on the role of an early nineteenth-century explorer who has crashed into a primitive and dangerous land! Beware of the oversized wildlife and unpredictable Neanderthals. Oh, and get out the sage because curses are real!

The Ancient Portal

Escape from reality with ‘The Ancient Portal,’ an Unreal Engine 5 scene by Michael Kahn-Rose. Created using Megascans and Unreal Marketplace assets, we’re sure you’ll agree this is a phenomenal & spirited piece!

Forever Skies

An ecological disaster has destroyed Earth. Returning to our planet hundreds of years later, will you find yourself Far From Home?
Forever Skies is a survival post-apocalyptic game made by ex-Dying Light devs, ‘Far From Home.’ Use your scientific knowledge- travel the skies in your own customized airship– scavenge and survive these ruined skies, and dare descend below the dust!