News and Community Spotlight | January 5, 2023


Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—January 2023
Start this year’s projects right with this month’s free Unreal Marketplace assets! Are you creating an action RPG with spell-based combat? Need some indoor assets and animations for a project? Find all that, along with a collision detection system, sound effects, and more.

Unreal Engine learning content for December
Head to Epic Developer Community to learn about digital puppeteering, connecting virtual cameras to the Live Link VCam app, and feast on a tutorial covering creating your own custom tool palette.

Unreal Fest 2022: Sessions for creators across all industries
Unreal Fest 2022 featured tracks dedicated to games, media & entertainment, architecture, automotive, and simulation. But some sessions refused to be pigeonholed, having broad appeal for creators across all industries.

Park Beyond is a theme park sim that allows its players to create impossible experiences
Fresh, sweet, and sugar-free–Park Beyond is a park sim like no other. In a recent developer interview, we caught up with Limbic Entertainment’s Technical Director Mohamed Hafez, to learn more about the game’s development–from inspiration and concept, the studio’s approach to landscape generation and how Unreal Engine helps the team assemble large scenes.

Odyssey Interactive, a new studio composed of former Riot Games devs, talks about creating multiplatform game Omega Strikers
Catch up with developers from Odyssey Interactive as they speak about their free-to-play, multi-platform game Omega Strikers’ art style, initial vision, and explain how Unreal Engine helps them create exciting gameplay mechanics.


Journey through the treacherous darkness that is Metsänpeitto as you uncover stories of those trapped before, as your typical nine-to-five guy that happens to be lost in a forest after his day of work. Adventure into this psychological horror game inspired by Finnish mythology by One Trick Entertainment.

UE5:Underwater Blueprint Free Tools
Senior Lighting Artist Karim Shousha has spent many months creating a fantastic tool for Unreal Engine 5 that can help you create an underwater mood with one click, just like magic. Dive into this tool and the connected tutorial to soak your projects with awesomeness.

Our last spotlight is an incredible multiplayer brick-building game that gives you the tools to create and play with friends or by yourself. Be anyone or anything as you make anything and everything! Wishlist Brickadia on Steam!

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