News and Community Spotlight | February 16, 2023


Welcome to Education Week 2023!
Have you been enjoying Unreal Education week? What is not to enjoy with a week full of live Q&As, fresh learning materials, spotlights, and more, all dedicated to students, educators, and future masters of the Unreal Engine ecosystem?

Unwrap Festival: How Howest University inspires students to think beyond game development
Learn how Rookie Award-nominated school Howest University supplements their students’ game development education with a unique festival that explores the crossover of game engines and entertainment.

Designing for everyone: Teaching inclusive design with Unreal Engine
California College of the Arts is turning students into thoughtful world-builders with inclusivity in mind, allowing them to create virtual worlds that can be joyful experiences that speak to people from all walks of life.

New Unreal Learning Kit: How to make a virtual Rube Goldberg machine
Start incorporating Unreal Engine into your curriculum with the latest iteration of Epic Games’ Unreal Learning Kit that teaches students about physics animation in a fun way.

Download the ‘Lighting in Unreal Engine 5 for Educators and Students’ guide
Unreal Engine 5 and its latest features have ushered in the next wave of lighting tools for game devs. So how can students and educators start taking advantage of them? We’ve got a free guide that answers those questions and more.

Real-time round-up: the state of interactive 3D
Dive into the stats and stories that tell the tale of real-time technology in 2022 and our journey toward a future with virtual worlds and interactive 3D experiences.

Old West Learning Project
This lumber town situated in the lower drylands along the river coming down from the mountains hosts the workers and residents of Northwood. Explore the learning project containing unique building structures, unlimited modular combinations, VFX and Fluid Simulation exploration, set-dressed interiors, and more!

Community Spotlights

Boti: Byteland Overclocked
From the 2021 Epic MegaJam finalist team comes the inspiring development from a prototype jam game to a cute 3D platformer where you play as Boti, a brave and adorable data bot on a quest to save the cyber-world of Byteland from bugs, viruses, and glitches; solo and with your friends!

The Fortunate Son
2035, an American General makes a tempting offer to a convict; if he accepts and carries out the mission, he can regain his freedom. The task will take him 60 years into the past in an experimental time machine, to the days of US President Gerald Ford. Will he arrive? Will he complete the mission? Will he be The Fortunate Son?

Broombot Battlegrounds
Home cleaning inspired by Robot Wars comes Broombot Battlegrounds by The Cleanup Kings, where you and up to three other players take control of cute but dangerous home cleaning robots! With knives, forks, and random dangerously pointy household items strapped on, dash, jump, and drift through 14 themed maps and three intense game modes and pop your opponent’s dust balloon and claim victory as the ultimate cleaning machine!

Have an Epic week!

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