Newly released content not showing in "New Content" category

Ive just released my Horror Bunker today, and its not appearing in the “New Content” category, nor does it have the “New” logo on it. What gives? What is the point of the New Content category if it doesn’t work? This lack of exposure is upsetting, and this may be the final straw that causes me to stop developing for the marketplace.

It’s there, on page 4 of New Content. The packs are being tagged and sorted by submission date, rather than publish date :frowning: By the way, looks like a cool pack!

That’s incredibly dumb. It also doesn’t have the “NEW” tag on it.

This has affected quite a few sellers. Got a pack myself that didn’t get a “new” listing
Got an email saying that its getting looked into, but how dose that help the packs that didn’t get any time up the front of the new releases?

Yeah my pack was on like the 5th page about a day after it released since it’s sorted by submission date. Exposure is already difficult enough without this added to the mix. If we could get that sorted as soon as possible that’d be great.