Newly created variable not compatible with object

Im following a tutorial from a project from the marketplace in which I have to insert a new variable to change the AI projectile speed,
I have created the variable as instructed but as soon as
i have to connect it to a node it doesn’t give me the option to choose the variable I just created and if I try to force it it tells me it’s not compatible. I’m a complete beginner with Blueprint, so sorry if this is a simple error from my part.

The newly Created variable is the " Projectile Speed" which is causing the problem, the top part is my project and bottom is the tutorial example that shows no errors.

Thanks in advance!

That’s probably because the variable needs to be created inside the “holdable actor”.
otherwise it won’t exist, so you can use it as a target.

Thank you very much that was the problem, I went to the “holdable” Blueprint and simply created the variable there as well and voila! Thanks a lot