Newer Programmer Looking for tips

Hey, I’m a new programmer, and I am looking to get used to the program. I don’t know C++, but I am familiar with C. Are there any tips or things I should look up before jumping in? or should I just go at it best I can? I’m working on the tutorals on the site, but maybe you guys know something that may help better for someone in my position? Thanks in advance

In your case, I would maybe suggest getting into the blueprint side of things for an easier introduction to how UE4 works before jumping into C++.

The built in tutorials and video tutorials are as good as it gets for introductory material IMO! Once you are familiar with the engine, the C++ video tutorials and documentation should be much easier to follow.

As far as C++ goes, you won’t be exposed to many complexities of it (eg. templates or the C++ Standard Library), because UE4 provides it’s own APIs and a unique header tool that exposes your code to the engine and Blueprint. In any case, the videos are a good start :slight_smile:

EDIT: That being said, getting familiar with C++ if you intend to work with it is a really good idea. There are plenty of books out there and unlimited already-answered questions everywhere on the topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d agree with Grogger, learn blueprint first, it helped me a lot for sure, and even when you use C++ you end up using blueprints a lot to supplement the code.
Also they compile instantly which is really nice. A lot of C++ tutorials from before 4.6 I believe are outdated so you’ll run into a lot of code examples that are wrong, make sure when you’re using code to learn from its after 4.7 or at least, use old code samples but be prepared to do some experimentation :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, thanks guys! Sorry for the late response, I have wierd work schedule, so I will look into these on my days off :slight_smile: