Newcomer in the Unreal Enterprise team : AEC Product Specialist

Hi everyone !

My name is Antoine and I just joined the Unreal Enterprise team as a Product Specialist for AEC and Architecture.
Some of you might have known me under the username LegendreVR, TNTantoine or LifeForLife on social networks, but this will be my active account on the forums from now on.

I have a background in Architectural Visualization as well as Virtual Reality (you can check my projects on UE4 at GROUPE LEGENDRE right here). My mission involves helping the team to improve Unreal’s CAD To Realtime capabilities, tool debugging, feature R&D and UI/UX for functionalities already available and those coming in the next releases of the engine.

Looking forward to work with you all on making Unreal Engine the best tool on the market for your realtime CAD and Archviz needs !

Cheers !

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello. :slight_smile:

Fantastic news my friend! :slight_smile:

Congratulations and good work!

Welcome - nice to meet you here.
I’ve send you a connection request at LinkedIn.

Welcome!! :slight_smile:

good to have you pushing the cause brother…