NewComer but old 3D artist

Well, Unreal Engine got a “great” start. I have to download 5.6 G of stuff. Okay i’m down.

But what started at great hope, since i have heard that this is one of greatest game engine there is, was crashed almost.

When download was at 4% this Epic Games Unreal Engine download crashed. And again at 5%.

Of Course i reported this bugs, but still it won’t look good.

Hi My Name Is Mikko S Animator. I have small hobby for making animation movies and games.

I have also youtube channel with same name, and there few incomplete project’s, most popular project from 3D world is: “Desert World.”

Everything i done so far has been with python program AKA Blender, but it’s really hard to get some respect with that engine…

Unity is no go, since it gives this bizarre 16mm view to a grid.

So i give Unreal Engine 4 a try, since great games has come from here. Which loop us back to start this small intro…

Unreal is awesome, just put enough time into learning it and perfecting your art, you’ll be on your way to creating great projects.