Newbie XCode Library Search Path issue (LandscapeProxy.h not found)

Hey all! Just playing around with UE4 C++ on OSX. I’m running UE4 4.10.4 + XCode 6.4.

I started a new C++ project from one of the templates (Third-person shooter) and then was simply poking around in the source in XCode. I navigated to UGameplayStatics.cpp and XCode begins to display the error “LandscapeProxy.h not found”. It’s within the UE4_Index target, and it’s quite annoying since I can’t make the error go away!

I tried modifying to include the Landscape module, and then refresh the XCode project, but with no success.

Digging in further, I could resolve the issue by adding in the necessary Source/generated.h paths in UE4_Index library search paths. However, once I regenerate the XCode project via the Editor, it nukes those changes.

Any ideas on why this is? I like to use Jump to Definition, and it’s pretty distracting to see a useless error like this.

This will also occur with other modules, such as JsonUtilities. How can I get UE4 to generate proper search paths?

Thanks much for any info!

Still haven’t really figured out why this happens. Anyone have any thoughts?