Newbie with Questions

Hi Everyone,

Have had a search through this section of the forum but nothing really answering the questions or maybe it’s a case of me having boy’s look and missed them.

I’m just starting to have a play with Unreal with the hope of using it for ongoing projects, I’ve used Thea Render, E-Cycles, Octane and Fusion 360’s built-in Renderer for rendering work and for product design the main tools are Onshape & Fusion 360.

Now my question is more workflow and asset-related…the mentioned renderers all have access to their material libraries when-ever a blank project is started, it doesn’t matter which model or scene I open the material libraries & HDRI’s are all easily available. In Unreal it looks like I have to load on the required Assets from the Marketplace every time; for example, the ArchViz material library is 8Gb, that would mean I’d have to load 8Gb every time I want to do a new Archviz scene. This would soon chew away at the disk space?

Is there any way that the Asset libraries can be placed once in a general folder and accessed every time I start a new project? Could I migrate the say Archviz library to the “StarterContent” folder as this seems to be typical on every new Project or does Unreal copy that content every time a new project is started?

The next question is there doesn’t seem to be a quick or logical way to make the viewport a camera object, that’s to say I can quickly set up the angle or view I need of the subject matter in the default viewport, hit a button and there will automatically be a camera created, once done then I can fine-tune it i.e Depth of View etc or is there an add-on from the Marketplace that will do that?

The creation, modifying of materials is straight forward enough, so really the only thing I’m struggling to get to grips with is the two above.

Many thanks in advance

After a bit of playing this evening, I found the settings in the viewport mode to Create A Camera Here :slight_smile:
One hurdle overcome…just one more