Newbie - Where do I get ... ?

Hey Everyone,

I’m a Student and am doing UE4 for fun and i really enjoy the small stuff I know about it.
I just bought the Procedural Nature Pack Vol.1 and love it, still looking for more stuff atm, my main problem is I know how to do landscape and make these things, but I have 0 plan on how to code/blueprint.

Keeping it short;

Is there a way I can easily get some of the following to put into my world so I can have it more interactive than just a landscape for now?
If I buy something on the Unity Assetstore, what would I need to check to be sure it works in UE?

(Preferably free)

  • Health/Energy/Damage UI (got some version of it)
  • Enemy - Maybe that can patrol (easily implemented) and if you get too close they attack you + lose health
  • Inventory Pickups, Press “E/F” etc. To pickup for medikits or other stuff?
  • Equipment system? Equipping different weapons and these show in-game, able to change between weapon and sword?

Any other tips of what/where/how’s ?
I don’t have the time to watch countless hours of tutorials to do the above stuff, therefore I’d rather use something premade by someone else, even better if theres easy customization :smiley:

You would need to check compatibility, not all assets that are compatible with Unity will work as you want them to in UE4

There are plenty of these around the forums, try the Content Creation sub-forum

I haven’t seen any free project that has this, but I haven’t really looked either. I believe Peter Newton has a tutorial for something like this on YouTube

Invicta Studios has a ~1 hour tutorial series that makes a decent inventory system, there are also a few around the forums. If you want one with lots of features, I’d be willing to sell you mine.

There are actually some pretty short (10-20 minute) tutorials on YouTube for this kind of thing, and it is probably better to follow a tutorial, as something like this needs to go in your character blueprint.

Well, IMO you would learn faster if you followed tutorials, especially if they explain why they are doing what they do.

thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

For the Assets - What kind of asset does it need to be that it works on UE4 ? .obj ?

Seriously, start with Paper2D.
I did, and it has helped me understand the basics of the editor, world transforms, blueprint programming, and all you can always use MSPAINT to do your own ugly art to keep going :slight_smile:

.fbx or .obj
.jpg or .png or .tga or .psd
.wav :slight_smile: