Newbie trying to make superhero game

While i have been watching tutorials on the unreal engine 4 youtube channel i still want to know how do i design the superhero that I’m going to base my game off of can it be done in unreal engine 4 or another software to develop them.

u have to use another program to create the character and all its animations import that into ue4.

what program would that be

ur choice really. you could us Make Human and model the rest in 3ds Max or Blender. You could just model the character in 3ds Max or Maya or even in Blender i do believe.

You could also use Fuse … I was initially skeptical … but I am having a blast creating characters. There is a content creators kit that you can download for non-human models.

is Fuse Free or you have to purchase it and its content kit?

Fuse is FREE … now before someone jumps up and down … read this:

Basically if you create your characters in Fuse Preview and Autorig them on the Mixamo site … it is FREE. The Fuse Preview software is FREE and can be obtained through Steam.

These videos by Darkholder show him putting Fuse Characters in to the Generic Shooter Thread after he shows you how to create them in Fuse … this applies to any project.

I have been using Fuse since watching these tutorials and I have created 20+ characters already and haven’t had to pay a single penny. The Content Creator Kit is also free and as long as you upload the character from inside Fuse you get the Autorig for FREE.

And they allow you to download your model from Fuse in a FBX compatible with UE4.

And if you are willing to go the extra mile… I would recommend learning Blender. (Its free! though kinda hard.)
Now just to throw this in… I use Wings3d (Great easy to use program… And its free!) to create everything. import (If needed) into blender to rig and animate the character.

Now if you have the money, go for Fuse, maya, ETC… But if you don’t. Go for the programs I mentioned.
But that’s just my 2cents.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to say the Blender, Wings3d. Do not ask you to pay for the program or anything you make with it. That’s why I use them.