Newbie Trying Stuff Out, Quick Question

I am messing about in the third person game project file. I have a wall that disappears when you enter a trigger zone. I want to change its trigger from the zone to the Players input ( ex. E key) when they are in the zone.

I am trying to figure out how to get the trigger zone to know when the player hits the E key. Any tutorials out there I can reference for something like that?

Blueprint interfaces && Get Overlapping Actors

Open Project Settings → Collision → Add new object type… Name it Interactive, set default to ignore.

Create an new BP class (Actor). Add a Static mesh component (Wall), Add a Box Collision component. Set the Box collision object type to “Interactive”. Have it Ignore ALL, Overlap Pawn.

Open your character class. Capsule component collision settings: make sure the Interactive type is Overlap.

Create a new BP Interface class. New Function, name it Interact. Save and close.
Character Class → Default Settings → Add Interface.
Do the same for your Wall class.

Wall BP … In the event graph Add the BP Interface Interact Event. From this event pipe out all the logic you want it to do. e.g. ( disable collision, hide mesh etc.)

Character class…
Add your interact Input (E) to the event graph.

E (pressed): Get overlapping Actors (set class to wall class) → Loop w/break → Uses Interface → Branch (true) → Call Interact interface event in the wall class → Break loop

This is all off the cuff. Been a minute since I did a bare bones setup.