Newbie to Unreal Engine

Hey all, I’m pretty much a complete newbie to game development and have been looking at Unity and Unreal for about a week trying to decide which engine to go with. I think for me one of the biggest things will be whether to learn C# for Unity or C++ for Unreal Engine. From what I’m seeing I’m really loving Unreal Engine and I’m just wondering what made others Choose this Engine over others as their development Platform? I do have a small amount of programming experience but really like the blueprint way that Unreal provides to let you prototype ideas quickly


hello welcome bro. Well I won’t suggest U what to choose rather tell this to U that there is a Blue Print (Visual Scripting) feature in UE4 that helps people a lot to overcome hardcore C++ coding . Please read the docs. for more info…
And yes the forums and answerhub and staff members are all the great additional featueres of ue4

Both engines have positive and negative aspects to consider. My main decision for Unreal is the philosophy behind it, and my impression is that Unreal is more powerful. However, if you want fast professional, sophisticated results you will be disappointed from both engines. For perfect results it takes month or a few years to grow, unless you specialize on a niche topic and join as part of an existing development team. It really depends on what you aim for. A good metaphor is probably building a house. Do you just want a bare tent, or a simple comic style house, or a full fledged skyscraper? And do you want to accomplish this yourself, including all parts of the building process, or do you work in a team. (Just to give you some perspective … )

That’s not such a great deciding factor or basis for choosing a game engine.
In that sense game dev is quite different from general tech industry work etc.

Download Asset Store / Marketplace packs -> Prototype something close to what you want.
Then ask which is closer to your ultimate goal? Sleep on it for a while before making the call.

There are a million comparison threads on here. The vast majority are fair in their appraisal.
Looks: Even UDK looks better than Unity & has better physics, but UE4 overall looks best of all.
But Unity is probably quicker for kicking something out especially for simpler games like 2D etc.
Unity can even run on 10 year old hardware & looks decent overall whereas UE4 is pure high end!

Download them both and make a prototype in each and see what you like to use. As @franktech mentioned there are tons of threads on here, Unity forums, reddit, and the internet in general that list technical differences. One reason that I switched from Unity (very recently though) to UE4 is the licensing that Unity has. They have a bit of a record of having a pretty shady EULA and then making changes without telling people about it or backtracking on what they say. They also count things like Kickstarters and cash prizes (might have changed on the prizes) as part of your $100K gross income while Epic does not meaning that you may be forced to subscribe to a tier that you cannot financially support in the long run.

Their subscription model is also archaic in the sense that at no point in time prior to the specified end date will they allow you to cancel or downgrade your subscription. There have been a few threads on their forums where people mistakenly subscribed twice (dunno if it was a system glitch or what) or fell on hard times and Unity basically said “sucks to be you”. On the note of forums, there are a few very specific well-known users (by well-known I mean popular or very active) who are complete a**hats when it comes to certain topics especially if it’s about a deficiency in Unity.

Personally I’ll use Unity for mobile/2d projects and UE4 for everything else but it’s about figuring out an engine that meets your needs not just because it’s cool or uses certain technology.