Newbie Question

Hello, is anything that I create in Unreal Engine 4/5 100% mine to profit off of?

Like I want to create videos and upload them to YouTube. Can I do that without attribution and claim it as completely mine?

Profit and attribution are two different things.

Is anything you create 100% yours to profit off? That depends on what you’re doing with the engine. Selling games? No. Creating linear content (videos, images etc)? Probably yes. Read the licensing options and the other documents linked on that page for detailed information.

Attribution depends on

  • the specific assets you’re using and their specific usage licenses
  • the specific middleware and tools you’re using and their specific usage licenses
  • what exactly you mean by “claim it as completely mine”. As in saying that you created all of the assets, the models, the textures, the software used to create the finished product? At the very least, that sounds like lying to your audience. Why would you want to do that? Or just as in omitting all attribution? In that case the other two points apply.