Newbie question regarding the default project player..

I’m curious about something. When I create a project using the default 1st person the default character seems to have everything working but I don’t see an event graph in the blueprint? However, I went though a detailed example in a youtube video and he creates an instance of a character and then wires up all the movement (he started with a blank project.) What is the difference between the two characters? Why does the provided character seem to have everything wired up under the covers whereas he was able to wire up movement very simply? Is the movement of the provided character in the animation? I’m a little confused and new to Unreal. Thanks!

Are you sure you’re looking at the right place? In the FPS Blueprint template projects, the character’s controls are wired up in the MyCharacter Blueprint. Make sure you’re in the Event Graph tab and not the Construction Graph tab. Also, if you create the FPS C++ template, then the controls are implemented in C++ in the XYCharacter.cpp file. The MyCharacter Blueprints inherits from this class and is empty, because all the behavior was implemented in C++ already.