Newbie Question: Moving assets around the project?

Hello all, i’ve just started poking around with unreal engine.

I’m trying to right now create a simple destructible object. I couldn’t figure out how to do it from scratch yet, but i found various tutorials showing how to do it by creating a destructible mesh from an existing asset.

So i went into the Starter Content > Shapes folder, and did it with a cube. Things seem good, i have a destructible cube now

My problem now is, i can’t seem to figure out how to take that destructible cube out of the shapes folder. I’d like to move it into a folder at the toplevel, inside Content. I can’t seem to click and drag it anywhere though. Dragging it onto a foldername at the top of the window doesn’t work.

This seems like a simple thing to do. how do i move an asset up a level, to put it into a different folder?

You cannot move content through internal folders, create a new custom folder inside root. Also when you move from custom to custom folder, rightclick the “shadow” folder and use the Fix up refs feature, then it is safe to delete the old folder. Though, sometimes you have to manually delete the folder through your system explorer, inside the content project folder.

Hello, thank you for trying to help once again. I think i’ve figured it out

You might guess from looking at my picture, something is missing. I didn’t know since i’m new, but while poking about with buttons i found it:

There’s supposed to be a whole second column there, on the left. I can drag and drop things onto folders in that little subpanel, so that seems to work

I’m not quite clear on what you meant here, can you clarify this? what is this shadow folder?

After you move assets from a custom folder, or the entire fodler, there still remains a folder, and after you right click that folder and use the Fix references feature (otherwise stuff breaks), you can delete this folder (which i call Shadow folder), from you systems explorer.

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