Newbie question i can do create 2d games with unreal engine?

i can do create 2d games with unreal engine as same unity game engine or unreal only works with 3d games only???

Yes, look at the SwingNinja project.

What would be more interesting to know is how optimised the engine is for 2d games? I have a game which has hundreds of on screen tiles. Most of the tiles are all exactly the same, will need to be loaded in at runtime and will be individually removed at runtime also. Is the current or near future state of the engine optimised for this use case, eg. the system batch draw calls dynamically, etc, or am I likely to result in having hundreds of drawcalls taking place, which wont work for mobile? Thanks.

You may want to check out the Paper2D plug-in, which is an experimental tool for creating tile based 2D games, and I believe it uses Box2D for its physics. The plug-in has not been updated for a while, because of our big GDC push, but maybe it still works. Further work on this plug-in will probably continue in the near future. In the meantime, check out SwingNinja for an orthographic 2D platformer game, as well as PlatformerGame for a side-scrolling 3D game. You may also want to take a peek at TappyChicken, which is a pure 2D game built entirely with Blueprints.