(Newbie question) How to set animation against different axis input

Hi, it may be very simple but I just can’t figure it out.
I just want to set four different set of animation in statemachine for
-forward movement

  • backward movement
  • right movement and
  • left movement

I want it with out using any blendspace, and also I don’t worried about speed variable. I just want to know how can I use input axis (or world direction X and Y) for different set of animation. Please some body explain.

Some body please help. At least say where can I look.

At least some one please response. Is my problem meaningful or it means nothing.

I know nothing about animations, but don’t they usually use a velocity? Using the velocity and player rotation you should be able to achieve this. Also do not bump your post until 4 days has past, you bumped your post twice in 8 hours.

Sorry, I didn’t know the rule. I shoudn’t have bumped it so frequently. My mistake.
And as for velocity I already have speed variable. I just want to assign four different button for four different animation against axis input X and axis input Y in state machine.