Newbie question: How to place 3rd person character in a Blank Template

I started work on a new game (new experiment more like it) and used the Blank Template and an empty level to start with. I want to place the cyborg-looking character (I don’t know what you guys refer to him as) from the 3rd person Template into my game. I moved the Mannequin and ThirdPersonBP folders into the Content folder and placed the 3rd person character there, but he isn’t doing what I expected. It shows idle animation but doesn’t move as I navigate through the level. He just stands there. I ran a build but that didn’t do anything to affect it. What am I not doing? I’m sure it’s something simple. I looked at the blueprint, everything appears to be the same as it is in the 3rd person example.

Also, I built for an executable the other day and I couldn’t get the game to stop. I had to open Task Manager and do End Process. I did a search in the docs, but I didn’t find anything that covered that. Most games have a Shift>Escape or something to end the game. How would I implement something like that?

You need a controller as well–did you import that or set it up?

Edit: Also, I find it easier to just open one of the starter templates and remove/change items or assets I don’t want or want to replace instead of starting a completely blank project, which allows me to work on one or two things without having to worry that my game isn’t going to work.

if you use the green add new button you can import any of the templates and it generally just works. sometimes you have to add the inputs in the projects settings. You also need to make sure the game mode and associated defaults is set to whatever you imported in the world settings panel.

ok. thanks guys