Newbie question - How can I make a camera active?


I have a scene with a placed camera. When Hitting the play button or when I try to Render a Movie however, I get different camera’s / views. How can I use the placed camera as main camera for recording a movie or as player?


The camera that is being used is the “default” camera. The one that you placed into the scene should be able to be set as the default camera in your project settings. I’m not at my console at the moment, but I’ll check back when I get home and see if you found it on your own.

Okay, well… I guess I was off about the project settings, but the way that I’ve been using my camera is closely related. I would create a new pawn and attach a camera component to that. Once you have it set in your level where you want it, you can set your “default pawn” in project settings under the “Maps and Modes” to your newly created pawn. This should at least allow you to see with your camera when you hit the play button.