Newbie Question - Get Actor Location node missing that is shown in tutorials

Hi All,

So I am brand new to UE4 (and making games in general) so I am going through the UE4 tutorials. However I have run into a problem.

In this tutorial: - YouTube

The guy talks about the ‘Get actor Location’ node for creating a sliding door. However, I have followed everything meticulously, and it doesn’t appear for me. When he types in location, the node appears for him under the sub folder of orientation, but that doesn’t show on my screen.

Any ideas? did the node name change in an update or has it moved location? (just typing location in the search doesn’t bring up anything resembling this)

Any help would be great.


Disable “context sensitive” - type in get actor location - now you should be abel to see it. :slight_smile:

Got it! thanks Fighter :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Much appreciated!

Yep, someone done broke context sensitivity in 4.5. :slight_smile: Hopefully they get around to ironing out the problems with Gets no longer being context sensitive. In the meantime, turning it off will probably do what you want.

Hey guys am having the same problem as everyone else…have turned off the context sensitive menu as well as turned on the experimental blueprint stuff and still nothing…seems hard to believe they would let a bug like this persist

Pretty strange. Copy this: get actor location and paste it into the search bar in your bp -> now check if you are still not abel to find it :slight_smile: